So Longingly

Sitting on this sofa,
I gave way to comfort.
My soul tattered and tired
As i rose from a rhyming sleep.,
I miss feeling all the letters
Coming from side to side..
My crazy thoughts,
Disguising emotions
Pretending acts..
Eyes open to see what’s not going to happen..
Expecting things changing course…
And then begin to speak
From my heart,
I know I miss only one:
Describing how it feels,
The beat, to be carried away, to love
Only YOU.

The Writer’s Will

I stare at the paper

A digital screen

A pen in black ink

Keys to strike..

With an armful of thoughts

Flowing so generously

A wave of scenes and imagery

I create a masterpiece yet to be.

A world never have been

Slowly comes to life

People, things and emotions

Flooded in tenderly.

I mixed the colors in blue, yellow, red

Imitating reality

For I wanted from them

Whose eyes follow the letters,

The chuckle, giggle, gloom

Thrill, terror, vanity and bloom.

I make words turn into spell

Unheard, unsure yet spoken

Puzzles and rhymes

Twisted words and fate.

To undying love I share

The endless thoughts

The feelings of the broken

I make tears well out

Heartbeats up and rising

Pounding fist in wreckage

Yearning in constant hope

Certainly, I knew them in all angles.

Love me, hate me

In the middle of nowhere

I create havoc

Blood scattered on the floors

Fears running through veins

Crawlers under night beds

Claiming innocence

Digging into the tombs

Tick-tock of the clock

A bullet hanging in the air;

Life is in my hand.

Call me

Wild thinker, murderer,

Fairy god mother

Scientist, inventor

Activist, mentor

Explorer, soldier

Lover, believer;

I am what I craft.

In this unbounded

My unconquered territory

I am a master

The writer,

Just me…