Remember the first day we met

Extraordinary, isn’t it?

Left in a lonely corner

I felt your presence beside me

No, I don’t care..but you said

Join me, have a place in the sun

On that day on, I had fun

You shone the light to a moon, like me…



Just when you think I am down

Embrace me tight

Softly, sweetly

Sister, secret stuff

friend,you are enough…




Looking at the dark sky at this moment

You are shining in sentiments

Keep burning like a fire

Amidst chaos of life’s choir.

Gloom maybe in your eyes

And sometimes you have to cry

You don’t know when to fly.

Mystery resembles your shadow

All you know is foe

Pal, you are not alone

An angel is with you ‘til dawn

Let your heart have its most glow

Odd things will never have you.



Piano Keys

Rise and sit

Over that simple bench

Make a sound out of that piano

Music that enchants the world

Empty souls will be filled

Loneliness will never be felt.

Timeless, you have that piece

Inspiring others to savor life

On your own way, striking a key

No one will say there’s misery.



Memory Lane

I do find myself going back to that moment we met. And I,

I miss you.


Here I am

Counting the steps

The miles, the distance

We’ve been afar now.

I always go back

To that first day

I replied ‘hi’

When you said hello

That sunny spirit

Shining on your cheeks

Crossing over to my dampened soul.

I always go back

To where we’ve been

Chatting, the messages

In my phone

The no nonsense and the whatever

Things we argued and agreed;

They were history

I wouldn’t afford deleting.

I always go back to

That same spot we used

To by stand, killing time

But not our conversation

My insights and yours

Your rants and mine

The passions we have

In common,

The differences we respect;

Sure they divide us

But we didn’t fade out.

I always go back

To that undisturbed, wordless

Few hours

In silence, we understand

The troubled, the weary heart

Crying to the other

For comfort, embracing arms

Protecting from hurt

Restoring what was lost

That love, enough to knit

A torn part.

I always go back

To the mischievous sorts

The deliverability of our doings

That ‘fun’, ‘just now’

We’re going to not make it twice.

I always go back to that fight,

I thought it’s over..

I won’t see you again, hear your voice

but yeah, we managed to go

back where we were;

proved that our bond

isn’t stiff, it’s flexing

bamboo, bent and just

stood again.

I always go back

to the assurance of your smile,

shaking off my no confidence

that we are strong,

that we can make it

that we can conquer every doubt;

I am sure, we did.

I always go back

To that day

You gave me a hug,

It felt right, half

And half, I knew

It won’t be.

You went with Him.

I miss you.

I always go back

To where we started

To where we went

To all things we’ve been through

And will always go back

To a moment where you’re not

Just a memory

But real somewhere in my chest..

Etched and treasured, forever be my beloved.

 “One-by-one Here I am Counting the steps The miles, the distance We’ve been afar now.”



Dig all memories

at magkwentuhan kasama

ang mga kaibigan..

realized what?

1. kalokohan ang unang-una

2. kung ilang beses mo pinagtawanan ang kaibigan bago dinamayan sa kapalpakan at kahihiyan nya

3. how you made through the dark days- his down moments and yours, fights, FO kunyari, confusion?

4. celebrations dahil nanalo ang team nyo sa basketball o kung ano man

5. cheats, sa mga guilty! (tingin nyo naisahan nyo yung prof nyo..sorry


6. listahan ng crushes at Xs

7. at kahit next time, ulit, ikwekwento pa rin

–this is how i love throwbacks, memories do last, mga litratong di kumukupas, kulitan, inuman sessions!, kantahan with matching gitara, kwentuhang walang humpay..barkadang walang iwanan, mabuhay ang kinabukasan! (sabay i-play: nasaan na ba ang barkada ngayon)


Just when I thought of leaving
And time held all memoirs,
I don’t know, but
walking somewhere near
an old flame,
it burns anew..
I’m wondering,
how can it be
that a love written in pencil;
Of a night holding hands
and a friendship twist
still breathing?
However, I must know
I am only standing
right on the other side.
Should you decode,
sometime ago,
I put on your palm
An unassuming heart;
Never thought, never knew
that then, you’re a love
I wrote –
An ever, surviving mark.

Villa Escudero
Villa Escudero