in three years,i met you..


this time

you are not

the moon;

you are a star.

on an ordinary day:

the sun

was hot,

you made your

presence felt.

the night fell;

all were gone

but you,

you stayed.

i was staring

at you

like the rest

of the universe

were never there.

i was so careful

not to interfere

with your shining,

your deep

conversation with

everyone who

clamors your


i brought myself

on the wall,

and a kid

somehow uttering

the rhyme,

i wondered

what you are,

how you

do these


and as if to

take a wish,

you looked

into me.

so sudden,

i didn’t know

how to

meet your eyes.

it took

me sometime

to tell

the truth

in your laughter,

and in

the silence

of your gazes.

you can’t be haved.

only a star

can touch a fellow star.

–and i am the girl

looking at you

from down below –

melting in sheer

affection for you.

photo : cto m. pamittan



From the
stare I do,
I guess
you knew
how deep
I am
into you.
the frantic
beats your
presence makes;
how my knees
go weak
around you
I fell hard.

How I wish
you’ll be mine
’cause I am yours
all this time,
she says
I keep wasting
time waiting
for you
to turn around,
she hopes
I’ll be tired

Poured tears,
broken most
why can’t I
give up?
why can’t you?
we keep passing
each other’s love,
you love her
as much I do
to you.


right now,

i want to punch

the wall..


that in just

one hit,

this pain

of wanting you

or more

be gone..

i know



i’m falling

for someone

who can’t

return anything

and I,

end up


and will let

time go by

as always.,



someone who

never knew

i loved him..

This Way

we were so
like each other.
the strong person
or so seems to be..
i hope we don’t clash
but agree on same ground.

you’re close and
i want to be closer
let me be
but don’t go fall
down along,,
you deserve my tears
and mine alone..
a smile that you are,
please stay that way.

i never imagined
i’d wake up one day.

i am in love

with the most
beautiful soul I’ve seen,