Roma Pi.

Random Outflow of Memories and Adventures through Photography, Pencil and Poetry, Indeed.

Indeed, haha. That was just a fit-in definition of my name – actually, a joiner for my parents’.

I am Roma Pi.

A sunset lover.
Word painter.
An observer and a warrior of life.

I Write.
I vent emotions, thoughts and experiences through my writings. Whatever it is that you read, you are reading ME.

I love Music and Photography.
I am volunteering to share to you my playlists and my snapshots. I hope we have the same interests and picks.

I walk somewhere randomly.
I am not an experienced traveler. I just like being lost. I dare to be there where I want to be and I dream that not long ago from now, I’ll reach farther.

I am an Enthusiast of Anything.
I don’t know why I do but I do. Nah, it’s not that. I am delighted in doing new things and old good things over and over again. Don’t be surprised if I post something that you think is out of my league. It’s counted.

..And everything you see posted here are out of my views and beliefs and hopes. I need not for you to feel the same way instantly, I just like to affect you somehow.



You can also read some of my articles in

Some of the photos and videos here are not mine. Sources are mentioned.  CTO ©2017 Roma Pi All Other Rights Reserved

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