Guardian Angel

While you are sleeping, I am staring at you. You have this child-like

face, innocent to be exact. There’s no trace of bitterness while

you’re in peace. I know I want to be here, sitting beside you

always; but pity me, it can’t be. I’m just an angel who peeps in

when she’s gone out of the door…


I’ll be updating these snapshots (with photographs soon) but first, I’d like you to have your own photo in your mind with my words. Tell me what you saw. Thank you.


Sunset Waiting


Sitting on the seawall, my thoughts were reaching the horizon where the sun finally meets the cold water. It’s as if your face were painted on the sunset sky or you were on that ship about to fade. I don’t know as to where you are. I only know one thing. And that on sunset afternoons, this girl, whose endlessly caress by the sea breeze and sometimes chilled, is constantly and hopefully waiting for you – your return as you have promised.

the girl in the Rain

We were standing facing each other on a lifeless road. I have a clue on what’s
going to happen. You told me we’ll stop seeing each other. That it’s time to
say goodbye. And you walked away, not minding what I have to say. I called
your name, three times. You didn’t turn back. Slowly, you went your way. I
was there in the open, empty. My mind’s so numb I couldn’t think straight. Was
it real? You left me. I stood still and the truth of the things you said slowly came.
I was alone. Without you. A sudden warm liquid made its way out of my eyes.
My hurting chest wanted to spill more. I did. And it seemed nature sympathized,
water dropped one by one. Then, it rhymed with me. I was the girl crying in the rain.

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