Collateral Beauty (Recognizing what’s in the fall..)

“just make sure you notice the collateral beauty..”

It’s a powerful message. At first, i couldn’t comprehend. Howard wrote to Death, Time & Love. He was putting them all to blame for his lost of a loved one.

After hearing all what they have to say and feeling them in me too, i realized i was the same with him 2 years back.

I became an accepting person – maybe if someone ask me something valuable, i won’t have enough strength to resist; believing it should always will be what would be. I’m praying that someday, slowly, I’ll come back to my feet and won’t concede any easily.

Living in sixty seconds, sixty minutes, twenty four hours, three hundred sixty five days, tens of years and sometimes not close to a hundred, I, like everyone, is buying for every breath and every moment of the most expensive commodity that is time. I would like to ask if how much is a time machine to the past. He wouldn’t give me and He wouldn’t sell me any either. He gave the future instead, for free.

And then here is the reason to every why. That even pain exists because of her, calling herself love. I remembered reading “love is not lost, it just transforms..”. We lost her. Pain. Yet, she is the reason why we come together, as if an invisible blanket which keeps us all warm and affectionate. Along with touching the hurt in my chest, i can touch a bigger part of that deep and nurturing feeling she has left. I am glad to share it with every person in the crossroads.

So there. Like the dominos Howard set up, all in the line are taken down by just a single piece falling. That one may have caused the collapse, and gone to be blamed for everything; but if you look widely – enough to appreciate, and put your eyes in the direction of the fall, you will see the beauty that goes with it.

In two years, I am noticing it, not yet all but someday, I will.


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A Line to Love

I tend to accept

What is and what has been;

Giving the will to choose

To every single thing.


With so much

Disoriented thoughts

And through time,

I never knew I was.

I never stopped.


I was told not

To hope,

Nor tempted to wish;

But there he is,

Ignited a flame

On a cold stone

That is my heart.



I started to walk

Towards you.

I don’t know how

I could get to you.


And as if someone

Heard my sighs,

I found myself

Waiting on a line—


To cupid’s attention

Seeking some arrows

And spare time.


in three years,i met you..


this time

you are not

the moon;

you are a star.

on an ordinary day:

the sun

was hot,

you made your

presence felt.

the night fell;

all were gone

but you,

you stayed.

i was staring

at you

like the rest

of the universe

were never there.

i was so careful

not to interfere

with your shining,

your deep

conversation with

everyone who

clamors your


i brought myself

on the wall,

and a kid

somehow uttering

the rhyme,

i wondered

what you are,

how you

do these


and as if to

take a wish,

you looked

into me.

so sudden,

i didn’t know

how to

meet your eyes.

it took

me sometime

to tell

the truth

in your laughter,

and in

the silence

of your gazes.

you can’t be haved.

only a star

can touch a fellow star.

–and i am the girl

looking at you

from down below –

melting in sheer

affection for you.

photo : cto m. pamittan

That Moment

**While reading, I encourage you

to ponder on each line.

Read slowly, let it flow

and SERENITY be with you.

Sometimes, I

complain about LIFE

And He let me see

He let me listen

He let me feel…

Leaves falling…

Waves coming and going..

The sun setting and meeting the ocean

Rain dropping

A moon coming out

Stars shining

Lovers dancing

Pianist listening to his melody

Footsteps on a silent hall

Little girls holding hands

Running back towards happiness

Last look

Crying alone with Him

Touching the Earth’s grains

A child’s smile

A baby’s laughter

Parents’ supportive words

A son’s ‘thank you’

Everybody’s care

Someone’s love…

LIFE has too much to offer

He says I should not be tired

Put away worries and pain

And in me, He will always remain.

Not My Choice

Whether it is disaster or luxury that you see from birth, it isn’t about your control. It isn’t your desire to be exposed to things such as poverty, hopelessness, insensitivity or having been into a privileged family. Your life is a package. The era, the situation, the people around you, your genetics, your authority and reach are all given. Struggling to live the most, the fight for every right to be walking on this ground safe and sound, however, bring differences. Some had to deal with the basic things to survive, some looks for recognition, some tend to be keepers of others (as self-fulfillment) and some tend to just give up or walk away.

I didn’t choose my life.

I might say I was dragged into it helplessly. Growing up and beating every personal record of things I do from day 1 to the nth time, I am used to it. My memory is a time capsule of my own history. That while in a change, of sudden and overwhelming change, I found and lost things and persons, and values and attitudes. All of them made me – strong, stupid, wise, and broken and certainly a warrior of life. I didn’t intend to be a hero, to be a laugh stock, to be someone to compare to, to be someone’s enemy or be home to someone’s arms. I am living what has been given. I am living because I breathe and I have a heart to feel the beat. I came to this world alone. I shall depart alone. The brightness or the dimness of what has happened in between lies to how I choose to stay, even for a while.

Not My Choice