The Moon, Me and Him

On a cold summer night

And the blue moon is on sight,

I can feel the presence

Though I know his absence.

As I gaze at the stars

I can see him from afar

Those gentle eyes stare at me

I wish, this moment’s eternity.

Oh how I pray he’s here

beside me, real and clear

The one with me when I grow old

The one who will share me his world.

I know he’s just there

But when will I find him and where?

I may cry yearning for him

But I will never, ever give up this dream.

**true love is worth the wait, there is someone out there looking at the same moon…


5 thoughts on “The Moon, Me and Him

  1. He will find you if you let your light shine bright enough and one way to do that is to keep your eyes on the Lord. 😉 check out my page, I’m new to this and have no followers yet.


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