Can I care for you?

sweet thing I wanna do

Read it in my smiles

Listen to the beat of my heart

Make believe and let me be

An angel upon your side

Real, existing and it’s for free…




Reach for the victory

In line with the heavens

Chase every opportunity

Have it not as a burden

In life, you must fight

Everything will be just right.

Jump over the obstacles

And if you stumble, get up

Carry enough strength

Keep all things with faith

Seal even li’l things with a prayer

On your way will be a Protector,

No one can make you out of color.

Propel your wings

And learn to soar higher

Don’t be afraid

In all the things that may hinder you

Live like a king

Lead your dream

An eagle you are, fly high!


to kuya Richie


Remember the first day we met

Extraordinary, isn’t it?

Left in a lonely corner

I felt your presence beside me

No, I don’t care..but you said

Join me, have a place in the sun

On that day on, I had fun

You shone the light to a moon, like me…

Piano Keys

Rise and sit

Over that simple bench

Make a sound out of that piano

Music that enchants the world

Empty souls will be filled

Loneliness will never be felt.

Timeless, you have that piece

Inspiring others to savor life

On your own way, striking a key

No one will say there’s misery.




A flower leaning against the wall–

That’s what they call

One who never interested anybody

But herself and misery.

I used to be one, too.

I hoped and hoped for you

But tears always shine

And then, they faded with time.

Days and months turned into a year

Each moment covered me with fear

Afraid of being noticed

And be thrown out of peace.

Just when everything was rare

One stranger dared to care

Every frown turned into a smile

Letting me to take another mile.

Am no longer on that wall

Gone into the dancing hall

Rose in his arms

And bloomed with charm.