A Line to Love

I tend to accept

What is and what has been;

Giving the will to choose

To every single thing.


With so much

Disoriented thoughts

And through time,

I never knew I was.

I never stopped.


I was told not

To hope,

Nor tempted to wish;

But there he is,

Ignited a flame

On a cold stone

That is my heart.



I started to walk

Towards you.

I don’t know how

I could get to you.


And as if someone

Heard my sighs,

I found myself

Waiting on a line—


To cupid’s attention

Seeking some arrows

And spare time.


That Moment

**While reading, I encourage you

to ponder on each line.

Read slowly, let it flow

and SERENITY be with you.

Sometimes, I

complain about LIFE

And He let me see

He let me listen

He let me feel…

Leaves falling…

Waves coming and going..

The sun setting and meeting the ocean

Rain dropping

A moon coming out

Stars shining

Lovers dancing

Pianist listening to his melody

Footsteps on a silent hall

Little girls holding hands

Running back towards happiness

Last look

Crying alone with Him

Touching the Earth’s grains

A child’s smile

A baby’s laughter

Parents’ supportive words

A son’s ‘thank you’

Everybody’s care

Someone’s love…

LIFE has too much to offer

He says I should not be tired

Put away worries and pain

And in me, He will always remain.


Can I care for you?

sweet thing I wanna do

Read it in my smiles

Listen to the beat of my heart

Make believe and let me be

An angel upon your side

Real, existing and it’s for free…


While walking on my way home,
I was wondering how
does it feel to hold your hand..
How secure would it be at your side?
The gentle caress of a sweet smile,
Warming even a cold spirit I was in
for today.
How was it being brought home..
That simple assurance that I made
it through?
A kiss in the forehead saying
good night..and a hope of
seeing you tomorrow.

Hmm, I am dreaming I know.
I was walking and it brought me to you.
How does it feel?
All I would wonder in the wind
Thinking today would be real.




Reach for the victory

In line with the heavens

Chase every opportunity

Have it not as a burden

In life, you must fight

Everything will be just right.

Jump over the obstacles

And if you stumble, get up

Carry enough strength

Keep all things with faith

Seal even li’l things with a prayer

On your way will be a Protector,

No one can make you out of color.

Propel your wings

And learn to soar higher

Don’t be afraid

In all the things that may hinder you

Live like a king

Lead your dream

An eagle you are, fly high!


to kuya Richie


Remember the first day we met

Extraordinary, isn’t it?

Left in a lonely corner

I felt your presence beside me

No, I don’t care..but you said

Join me, have a place in the sun

On that day on, I had fun

You shone the light to a moon, like me…