The Writer’s Will

I stare at the paper

A digital screen

A pen in black ink

Keys to strike..

With an armful of thoughts

Flowing so generously

A wave of scenes and imagery

I create a masterpiece yet to be.

A world never have been

Slowly comes to life

People, things and emotions

Flooded in tenderly.

I mixed the colors in blue, yellow, red

Imitating reality

For I wanted from them

Whose eyes follow the letters,

The chuckle, giggle, gloom

Thrill, terror, vanity and bloom.

I make words turn into spell

Unheard, unsure yet spoken

Puzzles and rhymes

Twisted words and fate.

To undying love I share

The endless thoughts

The feelings of the broken

I make tears well out

Heartbeats up and rising

Pounding fist in wreckage

Yearning in constant hope

Certainly, I knew them in all angles.

Love me, hate me

In the middle of nowhere

I create havoc

Blood scattered on the floors

Fears running through veins

Crawlers under night beds

Claiming innocence

Digging into the tombs

Tick-tock of the clock

A bullet hanging in the air;

Life is in my hand.

Call me

Wild thinker, murderer,

Fairy god mother

Scientist, inventor

Activist, mentor

Explorer, soldier

Lover, believer;

I am what I craft.

In this unbounded

My unconquered territory

I am a master

The writer,

Just me…


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