Just Another Cake Story

For my 8th after two decades, I had a crazy plan. In the morning before anyone knows, I’m gone out of the apartment I share with my college friends. I will be back at a time when they’re already asleep (at night). I filed a leave at the office on Monday (13th) and determined to carry out the plan.

..and this was what happened.

June 12 – Philippines’ Independence Day at around 9:30pm and I was already in bed, one of my friends and her sister pulled out a box with a red ribbon. Inside was a white, sweet and mango stuffed something. Okay, it’s a cake. The dedication said, “HBD Roma Pi”.

Not to dismay them, I went to slice the cake and ate even if I was already done brushing.

I wasn’t awake when 12am stroke. I was being used to do it in years but that time, I wasn’t. I woke up past 8am. Two of my friends were gone to the office. Initial plan failed. I finished a pending report review and a movie I started the night before. Next, I should have gone to Manila for St. Anthony’s feast. Remember I mentioned that in Bustillos – St. Anthony’s Parish celebrates my natal day (Church Hopping)? Again, I didn’t. I did laundry, some cleaning and sit down or lied down in bed almost all day (and in my dress ready to go outside).

Somehow, I accomplished two. I cooked dinner. It’s been long that I don’t do that too. Second, I’ve deactivated my FB account. I was asked if why I did that. I said I wanted some quiet time that day or I was just challenging people to reach me. Those who knew (with my contacts) and remembered my personal occasion greeted me. Now I know. (haha)

The start of my 28th just happened and most of that day’s plan turned around. Blame it on the CAKE. Sure, I got thoughtful loved ones. Thank you everyone for being a slice of my life!



Roma Pi


ps: Lani, Ysang, Tette, Lily – ang sarap nung cake. Ako umubos. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Just Another Cake Story

  1. Sorry if I am one of the people who were not able to greet you on time lola mari. But, happy birthday. This girl misses you and I pray that you will be more blessed this year.

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  2. Happy happy birthday! 🎊🎉🎂 Okay lang yan even if your special day didn’t roll out as planned, still you enjoyed it. Mas okay din kasi minsan na walang plano. Hahaha!

    I too sort of distanced myself from Facebook, uninstalled the app but did not deactivated. 18 days now!

    Again, happy birthday! 😁

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