From the
stare I do,
I guess
you knew
how deep
I am
into you.
the frantic
beats your
presence makes;
how my knees
go weak
around you
I fell hard.

How I wish
you’ll be mine
’cause I am yours
all this time,
she says
I keep wasting
time waiting
for you
to turn around,
she hopes
I’ll be tired

Poured tears,
broken most
why can’t I
give up?
why can’t you?
we keep passing
each other’s love,
you love her
as much I do
to you.


4 thoughts on “Relay

    • well, i don’t know but it’s a way things are. i can’t tell it’s being cynical with not giving up and suffer. love shouldn’t hurt i think.


    • Thank you. I think it’s fate. 🙂 I’m at your page and currently thinking of Letters enough to make Words. I’ll be posting in a while.


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