Just Go, Run!

Buzzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzz…..

Well, what did I do? Hit the dismiss button. I went back to sleep again. The next thing I woke up, it’s already mid-July. I’m back to shape – with all those extra fats side-waist, untrimmed thighs and flabby arms. It’s time to get back to the road (literally).

Sunday – I enjoyed my sightseeing while pounding the ground. I went back to Bonifacio Global City by foot. The sun’s up before 6am but luckily, it’s quite cloudy. I had an hour and a half going around. The place is a playground for me – run anywhere! It’s also where I trained for most of my runs since 2013. I do it weekends and weekdays (even if I have to go to the office). I do it rain (not on an outpour, of course) or shine, in good health or not. I got hooked to it. Instead of just sitting somewhere and staring to something where I know I wasn’t there, I went moving.

I joined a 5K Manila Bay Clean up Run 2013 with friends. Then, I moved to 10K, 16K and 21K. For each kilometer I conquered, I gave up an hour of sleep for every morning run and every race day. I fueled myself with courage, for me going outdoors as early as 2am. It’s a self-motivation. It was hard at the start but when it got into my system, I felt better and gained so much from it.

Body clock. I became that morning person. It feels good to be there running and sweating while the rest of the city is still at sleep. It became a habit to go to bed early for a run the next day. Sleep should never be compromised, though, I am guilty of late nights and still go to run.

Fitness. Well, I don’t like difficulty in moving and going upstairs catching for air. So, I got serious in my runs.Within only 6 months, I weighed 62kg and went down to 57 then to 55. I was even delighted with the idea that I got runner’s legs which I read in magazines I bought (I said, I’m serious).

Knowledge and Experience. In races I joined, I got to know terms like singlet, loot bags, gun start, lunges, HIIT among others. I knew the feeling of preparing my things before the race day. I familiarized myself with do’s and don’ts, waking up with ample time to travel to the venue, hopping on to an ordinary bus when I can’t wait for air-conditioned ones, sharing a cab with strangers ( they’re runners, yeah), and of course, the run itself. I’ve been to grass, asphalt, road and my favorite route, flyover. Imagine running on Kalayaan flyover or Skyway carless. It was freedom.

Fun and Socials. Going alone on the road is really not “alone”. In fact, some runners had a chat with me. They’ll be flashing their morning smiles and utter a motivating word (kaya mo ‘yan, tara!). Others on the park grounds would tell me about a past race upon seeing my top (a singlet from the race) and relate their experiences.On races, cheerers shout “good morning, go runners”. Oh and how about loving selfies? Photographers line up especially near the finish line. All you need is a good pose and untired smile. They love catching that. Lastly, a glimpse of the morning sun or a sunset – priceless.

Confidence. I learned blending in a crowd – those warming up or waiting for the gun start. I am a reserved type and by engaging in runs alone, I managed to talk to total strangers – about the venue, goodies to pick-up, and how to’s. I feel no longer intimidated by stares of how do I look or what I am wearing. Ultimately, I got praises for weighing less and the dedication I put in my runs.

Food. Being a runner doesn’t mean you have the license to eat what you want. It doesn’t work that way. I became aware of food choices. It wasn’t really the quantity but it comes with the quality of food. I increased consumption of vegetables and fruits and with some dos and don’ts, I achieved better runs.

Willpower, Discipline and Stress-Reliever. It’s a “me” time. Running puts me into a mental conversation. I evaluate my plans for the day or for a week. It got me reflecting on my decisions and the consequences. I am so absorbed that even if my feet is already giving up, I still go. “The mind is strong but the flesh is weak.” I am glad I defy this most of the time. I call it willpower. A run, actually, is a sport that it’s yourself you’re beating. It’s you who decides to go harder or not. I learned an aspect of control over my body and mind. “Listen to your body.” However, it should not be painful. There’s always another day to outperform.

With all of these, I run – sunrise, sunset, foggy, drizzling. I join races as far as my schedule permits me. I may lie down for days but I will always find a way to get back to my one love. I just go, run!





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