dear Rockstar

hi! naiinggit ako sa loveletters mo, so here, ginawan kita. I don’t know where to classify this pero pansamantala, sa unreplied letter muna.

2:46am – I am here at the bus stop in aritao and we’re about to go towards home. And yes, same’s my heart. I would like to acknowledge na dadaan muna ‘to sa inyo.

How did that happen? You’re an unpredictable passionate freak. A majestic writer who use to dominate me with all those opinions and conversations, that devil in my head. Laugh your heart out, I can hear it. You’re such a sort of bully, now I know the word. And despite all my unnecessary, unpleasant impressions on you, you still got me fall (or fooled?haha).

One time, you asked me if I have some feelings for you? Yes I have, but for a reason I can only tell you if you ask me again, I just said I wish and stated some weakness. I am not a coward, I am brave. So much for a girl confessing to a guy who’s not asking him to love her back. I just want you to know because you deserve it. I hope you’d understand. Let alone reason and your heart do the comprehending. Besides you’re epj, the one who can give meaning to words in different light..better. Remember what I told you last June 13? Please stick around ‘coz I do. I wanted to keep our friendship. Don’t you dare be smoke again, I can’t afford to lose one friend. Thank you for following the letters and listening.

P/S: remember, this isn’t a solicitation can give it back to me. 🙂


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