in the days, I am not awake..
he fills my head..
my conscious mind seems not to know
wondering, wandering,
how far..where would it be…

i counted, slashing the
monthly numbers..
day by day,
a frail feeling it becomes,
i hold on..

then finally he came..
in brown, khaki suit,
i searched my heart
was it still there..

it answered YES,
but not as much
slowly, it faded..washed,
letting go.,
must he know?
i guess, it will be a NO.


3 thoughts on “Slowly

  1. I didn’t dare myself enough to confess. He’s far unreachable then and maybe, the feeling’s not too deep. That’s why, I’ve moved on. Anyway, goodluck! We pray it’s a yes for you. 🙂

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