Parallel Lines

In fairytales

And magic dust

In a frozen second

And spells cast

I wanna get the chance

Walk by your side,

Hold your hand,

Talk to you like

It’s just right..

Spill your heart out

While I make my mind..

Give you generous thoughts

Keep flowing in the line

The sparks and the flame

The burning affection

The stare in each other’s eyes..

I wanna be your muse

Be the reason for your melodies

Your pen-strikes

Paints and surprises

All alike.

I wanna be,

I wanna be..

But I realized it can’t be—

We were walking

At two opposite ends of the road

A meter in between

Never have to be close

Haven’t a chance our fingertips touched,

Never our palms clasped..

Only, we talk, we smile

Share some ideas and tones

The life of our own..

In same language

We feel

The softness and the longing

The love built since when?

I don’t know

But it came just so real

You and I are in.

While we can’t be together

While we are in love

We can’t help it but be glad,

In one heart

A same beat dwells

A red string connects us

Even in this parallel

Lines that will never meet.

_inspired by Karmic Hearts (Jhing Bautista)

those times when Mina and Cupid can only walk side by side yet, are inlove.


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