Chasing Butterflies


In a garden was a four year old girl. She hasn’t been to the outside world until then. A stranger in a new world, she kept on exploring every corner of that garden.

Everything is worth a discovery. She’s amazed with her co-creatures but something in the mid-air caught her attention. The thing flaps its body. It has colorful body – dots of yellow, black and brown. The creature captured her heart in an instant. Being so, she ran after it that she didn’t notice, she’s getting away from their house.

She ran and ran after it, only to touch it with her tiny palms but the more she chases it, the more it goes away. The little girl became patient to follow the thing and hoped she’ll have it, catch it. She stumbled and cried for sometimes but still went on.

After sometime, she lost the thing in her focus. She looked around and she knew, she’s in the woods. She wanted the thing badly but she didn’t know what to do. After a while, she decided to go back. At her arrival in the garden, everything delighted her – the flowers which had just bloomed, the green grasses, the bushes, the fresh scented trees and some small creatures she hadn’t discovered yet.

One by one, she went to look closer to this things and realized, she could have devoured the beauty of this garden earlier… and not wasted her time on a thing that made her lost. She’s sorry for herself for what had happened… but after all, she’s happy, she’s HOME.

*Like Love, we shouldn’t be blinded by obsession… if we think, we lost it… think we’ll find it again…even if it’s not in the same person or thing… we’ll find it again and again.. just HOPE and strengthen our FAITH…It will make us see our purpose to live.



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