the girl in the Rain

We were standing facing each other on a lifeless road. I have a clue on what’s
going to happen. You told me we’ll stop seeing each other. That it’s time to
say goodbye. And you walked away, not minding what I have to say. I called
your name, three times. You didn’t turn back. Slowly, you went your way. I
was there in the open, empty. My mind’s so numb I couldn’t think straight. Was
it real? You left me. I stood still and the truth of the things you said slowly came.
I was alone. Without you. A sudden warm liquid made its way out of my eyes.
My hurting chest wanted to spill more. I did. And it seemed nature sympathized,
water dropped one by one. Then, it rhymed with me. I was the girl crying in the rain.

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